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I used to teach school in the public schools of Georgia. I have always had a lot of hobbies to fill my leisure time. Some of them included art, poetry, and writing.

The Relationship Between the Arts, Language, and ESL

March 22, 2016
When I began to teach English years ago, people occasionally questioned me about how the various arts, languages, and English as a second language were related. At the time, I had been working on a project that integrated poetry writing and computer graphic art in the ESL program in the public schools of Georgia. I was interested in ways that our language and art could be combined to create a holistic education that encouraged students to ask and answer open-ended as well as closed-ended questions. At the conclusion of my doctoral program with Nova Southeastern University, my students published some books that they filled with both poetry and art. 

Most people do not stop to think about the importance of English, not only as an academic subject, but also as an art form. If we were to begin to think of learning languages as a branch of creative art (even playful art), perhaps we could loosen up and enjoy the spontaneity of creation. Rather than to test students' knowledge with multiple choice tests, we should encourage their creativity. The results that students get while thinking outside of the box will improve the world in which we live while having a positive impact on future inventions. The Gael Glass produced in Piemonte exemplifies the combination of literary studies, visual design, and craft by artisans who love the English and Italian languages.

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