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Stained glass table lamp, handmade by Pierangelo Tosi. Painted ceramic plate by Laura Gail Sweeney.
Stained glass night lamp by Pierangelo Tosi. Ceramic plate painted by Laura Gail Sweeney.
Stained glass window, custom designed and crafted by Pierangelo Tosi, 2016, for rustic, Italian home.

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Geometric, stained glass window, custom designed by Pierangelo Tosi, 2016.

Mural restoration


Painting of Maria, Completed May 2019, by Laura Gail Sweeney

"Carnevale #2" 

Frame, cathedral glass, and inner square (above) by Pierangelo Tosi. Linear drawing by Laura G Sweeney. 

Medallions and Wind Chimes made of glass by Pierangelo Tosi.

Enter the Gaelic Glass Garden of Joy!

GAELIC Design by Pierangelo Tosi, April 4, 2015 


GAEL Glass

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This is one of the ovens where stained glass is fused to make gorgeous art! 

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Julian of Norwich Candle Art & Sensual Julian of Norwich Candle Art 2014    Copyright 2014 & Patent Pending


Glass Art Enjoying Literature, also known as GAEL, provides customers with exceptional quality stained glass designs based on literature, contemporary romance, mythology, as well as spiritual texts. Many of our handcrafted projects are inspired by classic and modern books. We also offer custom stained glass designs from Italy to fit the needs of the consumer. Be sure to check on custom pricing and design.


Glass Art Enjoying Literature

 Stained glass by Pierangelo Tosi


                                           Italian Stained Glass from Piemonte


For many years, Italian designers in the Piedmont region of Italy have been producing exceptional stained glass art inspired by flowers and nature. These exceptional designs enhance the living quarters of Italian homes. The designer and an artist have decided to collaborate on a comprehensive project to produce stained glass that is inspired by great books as well as contemporary texts. In addition to those works of art, designs based upon nature from the Piedmont region will also be available. The first project was based upon the book entitled Brighid, Keeper of the Celtic Hearth. The next book to be illustrated through stained glass will be The Little Flowers if Saint Frances of Assisi. In the very near future we look forward to displaying some examples from the stories of Saint Frances. Of course, our team of craftsmen and artists will be glad to produce windows and stained glass on consignment for homes and architecture.

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Glass Art Enjoying Literature