Alpine Edelweiss Sun Catcher

Designed and Copyrighted by Pierangelo Tosi 2014



Above is a detailed view of the Alpine Edelweiss Sun Catcher. The two yellow star-bursts represent the natural form of the Edelweiss flower as seen by artist and artisan, Pierangelo Tosi, who knows the secrets of the Alpine forests. It is likely he first had this simple vision on a hiking or camping trip in the mountains. The pyramidal forms in green and violet are reminiscent of the natural colors of the Alps as they change throughout the years and seasons. Art from the heart of Piemonte is truly magical!

Original Drawing by Pierangelo Tosi  2014

Photo of completed Alpine Edelweiss Sun Catcher by Tosi.  It looks delightfully mysterious as the sun turns it into a linear silhouette.


The Alpine Edelweiss Sun Catcher, reminiscent of a beloved flower, is full of grace and color to bring joy to our lives!

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 Performances Dedicated to Edelweiss

We hope you will enjoy these nostalgic performances.


Andre Rieu performs "Edelweiss".




 Copyright Pierangelo Tosi 2014

 Christopher Plummer sings "Edelweiss" in a movie that Americans dearly love, "The Sound of Music," one of the best musicals of all time.




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